“I slipped,” Two words A loss of control Inexcusable The words in my head The concerned voice That cares and berates That wants the best for me… Read more “Slipping”


Escort Day

The things people will do when protesting outside a women’s clinic… I don’t know why I continue to be surprised. It’s not like the protesters suddenly decided… Read more “Escort Day”



Hate is a powerful word. It causes a powerful, gut-wrenching feeling of wrongness. When its directed at someone else, it makes them feel smaller, unwanted. Unworthy. When… Read more “Hate”


Who we are, who we become as people, is not defined by the times we made good choices, but how we learned from and dealt with the… Read more


Everything to do

“Everything to do, and none of it done Chaos surrounds me, and I feel it has won. Desperation takes me, I cannot see beyond. The hope that… Read more “Everything to do”


Hallway of the Moment

Hallway of the Moment

A poorly lit corridor, stretching on as far as the eye can see.

Unmarked doors line both walls. The lights above flicker in irregular patterns.

Behind each door is a person. An event. A choice.

In your hand is one key. A key to one door of your choosing.

Opening one door allows you to experience what lays beyond, at the cost of what lies behind the other doors.

It is impossible to know exactly where each door will eventually lead you. The light is too dim to see.

You can stand in the hallway and choose nothing. To gain nothing, and to lose it all.

Whatever your choice, you soon find yourself in the hallway once again.

Every moment of your life.


What never was and could never be

A light, a light On a miserable day A beacon glow Through the fog of apathy Fire burning Away the hungry darkness Radiant hope Fueling a flame… Read more “What never was and could never be”


Anxious Sleep

Dire whispers My own mind Turned against me Tearing me down Like a house on fire My inner sanctuary broken   Fear hollowing me out Devouring my… Read more “Anxious Sleep”


To the new

Darkness Emptiness unsullied Agony followed by Silence   Echoes Filter down a hallway My mind screams against the Stillness   The past Rearing its ugly head Again… Read more “To the new”