Everything to do

“Everything to do, and none of it done

Chaos surrounds me, and I feel it has won.

Desperation takes me, I cannot see beyond.

The hope that I need is far beyond gone.”


She told him in confidence, fear on her lips.

Her demons speaking through her in venomous drips.


He reached out to touch her, to lift up her heart

Crossing the distance that kept them apart.


He cradled her head in his mind’s eye,

Whispered to her quietly with a sigh.


“Sleep, sleep, there’s always the ‘morrow

And while I know I cannot save you from sorrow

I’ll be there if you need me, your own helping hand

We’ll face down the darkness, together we’ll stand.

Till the day you push me away

Beside you I’ll stay

And do what I can to keep the whispers at bay.”



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