To live, perchance to dream

There is an end to everyone’s story

What we have accomplished by then

will matter not.


The end will claim some before others.

There is no rhyme or reason

To its choice.


We can hope and wish

and pray that it comes later.

Some small comfort.


We can hide. Pretend that

by risking nothing, we can save

something for later.


Or we can can choose to live

life as if every day were our last.

Embrace chance.


I choose to live.

To take chances.

Ride the highest highs.

Sink into the lowest lows.


I cannot afford to worry.

I’m tired of looking back.

The fire has left nothing

but ashes in my wake.


Some call it reckless.

I say, what have I left?

I cannot go backward.

Only forward, without regret.


No matter how it ends,

I will know in my heart

that I have lived.


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